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About Debbs Kitchen


My culinary ideology is summarized in these three words above. I call them the 3P's of life and cooking. The joy of sharing a well prepared meal is a powerful connector for humanity. I am excited to explore this complete kitchen and lifestyle experience with you. Let's elevate your taste. Savor every moment.

Welcome to Debbs Kitchen...where everyone cooks!

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Meet Deborah

Deborah Odunze is a professionally trained Chef and Registered Nurse. A graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio and The International Culinary School of the Art Institute of Houston. This young chef is passionate about food and health. Her fusion of the medical profession and culinary practice stems from a desire to help people live better and healthier lives one meal at a time.  This practice lead to what she terms “Afro-continental cuisine”- a celebration of rich African flavors with cuisines from other parts of the world.  As Deborah fondly puts it, "This can be easily derived from leftovers, or a well planned meal."


Born to loving parents in Nigeria, West Africa, her first culinary influence is her mother. Deborah has also worked with chefs from Italy, France, America, and South America. Deborah enjoys creating recipes and entertaining. Her many creations have endeared her to family, friends and fans.

Her culinary ideology is based on three words she fondly calls 3Ps. The right Preparation, Portion and Presentation. Deborah believes food should be fresh, fun and wholesome.  ​  

In her spare time, Deborah enjoys traveling, running, reading, going to the movies, spending time with friends, family and working in her garden. Deborah is a wife and mother to three precious children.

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